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Kids playing hide-and-seek. Photo 1

Have you ever played hide-and-seek? This game is so funny and kids like it very much. Today we have prepared the selection of cute funny photos of the real hide-and-seek champions. These children think they are the superheroes, their moves are quick like winds and silent like shadows. All kids really believe in it. They cannot even imagine that if they close their eyes, someone can see anything. It seems to them that they block the light. It’s so cute and funny. Today we want to raise your mood and to show you the hide-and-seek masters. We hope you’ll like this awesome selection. Read the rest of this entry »

2-years-old girl Willow wearing a seller's costume

These are amazing photos of a little 2 years old girl, Willow. Her talented mother, a creative photographer Gina Lee, has made cute photos of her little daughter in the most adorable costumes and posted them on her Instagram account. Gina declared October as “Dress Up Willow month” and that looks like the truth. The girl is so cute wearing various adorable costumes and even her beloved father dresses up different outfits to create the special mood. All these outfits are great for the Halloween, and certainly many mothers have used one of these ideas to create the wonderful costume for their little babies. Read the rest of this entry »

Emotional Kanna

A girl with an umbrella

When photographers become parents, they start taking creative photos of their children. We have already shown you photo series by different talented parents from all the world and this time you will see awesome photos of a little girl. Toyokazu Nagano, Japenese photographer, makes pictures of his little girl, four-year-old Kanna. Funny facial expressions of Kanna make this series cute and amazing. Each shot is taken in one and the same road, but the girl adds to the picture emotions and fun. The photographer adds decorations and various costumes to help photogenic Kanna create different mood. And do you take pictures of your kids?   Read the rest of this entry »

A boy near the telephone box

Kids, the photos of which, we have collected, are for sure the most stylish on their playgrounds. They wear trendy pieces from head to toe, have fashionable haircuts and they behave themselves like grown-ups. This tendency can be seen in different social networks and publics. Certainly, their parents help them in choosing and combining the outfits, and, in most cases, these children look adorable but more like adults.

People argue this point. Some of them believe that it is really cool to look like this and the children can learn how to look awesome. Others  think that children should have happy childhood, play games, run, jump and behave like other kids not thinking about trends and style.

And what do you think about it? How does it affect the child’s psyche? Do you want to dress your kids like this? Read the rest of this entry »

Maxwell Drew Johnson wearing a pink t-shirt

Today we are going to show you several photos of a wonderful 2-year-old girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson. She is a daughter of two well-known people (who have recently tied the knot) – Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson.By the way, she has a yonger brother , Ace, but that’s another story. Maxwell was born in May 2012 and now she is an adorable baby girl. People say that she is a little copy of her mother and that’s true. By now, she is an inspiration to many people. Jessica shows her daughter’s photos by means of Instagram and that’s why the girl is well-known all over the world. People want to know about her habits and her prerferences. Our selection of photos is amazing and we hope, you’ll love it. Read the rest of this entry »


Halloween is such a perfect holiday of terrifying costumes and sweet candies. It takes the beginning from the ancient Celtic tradition to end the harvest season and to mark the beginning of cold winter days. The Celts believed that Halloween was the day when the bridge to the world of dead could appear.

But time has passed and this event has transformed. Now it is a favorite holiday of  the children of all ages. They wear awesome costumes of different creatures and terrorize their neighbors with the words “Trick or Treat” in return for sweets and candies. People carve jack-o-lanterns, visit “haunted houses” and organize costume parties. Everyone has fun.

And what about you? Have you already prepared for this holiday? We want to show you the selection of the kids’ Halloween costume ideas. They all are great and can raise your mood.

Halloween is coming..  Read the rest of this entry »

A child and a grey cat

What are the cutest themes? Certainly, they are children and cats. Today we have decided to combine these two topics and to show you sweet pictures of kids and their lovely cats. Our selection is the biggest storm of cuteness, you’ll see it when begin viewing the selection. Children like playing with their pets, and the animals return a hundredfold. These photos are made by different people in various situations. You can meet here professional photos together with the photos of amateurs. But there is one thing, which can unite all of them: this is wonderful relationship between children and cats. Have a pleasant time. Read the rest of this entry »

Happy motherhood

A boy and his mother on the grass

Today we want to show you several bright and emotional photos of a little family. We can see only a little son and his mother, but father is also here – he makes the shots. These people just live with their own life, take their camera with them and capture all they want. This series is like a little story about the beauty of motherhood and tender moments of every-day life. All the photos are very naturalistic and truly amazing. You can understand that the time you spend with your beloved children is priceless and they are the best inspiration in your life. The family is happy and the piece of their good fettle can be conveyed to you even by means of these photos. We hope you’ll enjoy this collection. Read the rest of this entry »

Children faces in the autumn leaves

Kids photos bring lots of fun and pleasure, no matter the season or the part of the day they’ve been made in. But in the Fall, when nature changes colours, all the leaves begin flying around and there are lots of puddles, wonderful opportunities for the photographers appear. Memorable pictures can be taken outdoors with minimum decorations using only the photographer’s imagination. Ripe apples and grapes, yellow and red leaves, pumpkins and haystacks, autumn trees and grass are wonderful helpers for creating the special mood. If you want to make cool high-spirited family photos, now it’s time to do it. Have fun and be yourself. Jump, run, throw leaves and run in the puddles. These moments you will remember for long. To help you a little bit, we propose to view the inspiring photos of kids and remember the posing ideas. 

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A girl, flowers and a cake

Do you like sweets? They are so tasty. Today we want to show you wonderful photos of children and various cakes. These pictures have been made by a talented Russian photographer Olha Guzhevnikova. They are very bright and beautiful. Boys and girls have been shot in the surrounding of the cakes and sweets. Can you imagine how these young models wanted to eat all these sweet decorations while being acting? I think it was very difficult. The photos will remind you about your childhood when the sweets were the most wanted things.  Read the rest of this entry »