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Santa Claus with a girl

Hi there! Today we want to show you a collection of amazing photos of children and Santa Claus. It is very positive and cute. These pictures are happiness and miracles. Santa Claus is a legendary figure and the children from all over the world are eager to meet him. They tell him all their wishes and dreams. And Santa promises to fulfil them all. The meeting with this magician people remember for all their lives. It’s so cute. We hope you’ll like these photos. Read the rest of this entry »

A little girl and snowflakes

Hello, everyone! Do you like Christmas time? We hope you do.In December you can meet lots of fabulous decorations, toys and adorned shop windows. Christmas songs can be heard from everywhere. December is the time of expectation for magic.

We want to show you wonderful kind pictures by Olga Demidova, a Russian illustrator. Olga makes amazing illustrations for children books. These ones bring the spirit of Xmas and the life seems happier and the problems go away when see them. Kids on these pictures are so happy and merry, they all are waiting for happy time.

We are sure you’ll like these cute illustrations.

Have a pleasant time.

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A girl with a rucksack

Hi there! Let’s speak about childhood today. What happy memories do you have from those times?

Elizabeth Lawrence said that there was a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors were much brighter, the air softer, and the mornings more fragrant than ever again. But having grown up we forget about it and only amazing photos remind us about the most remarkable moments.

Today we want to show you bright and awesome photos of kids by Lesley Edith from the USA, who knows how to keep memories. Enjoy.  Read the rest of this entry »

Dad with hair rollers and two kids

Being father is not very easy, of course. Everything changes when a little creature appear in the life of twos. But time passes and you understand that this baby is the dearest one in your life.

So, today we want to show you some awesome photos of the first-time fathers with their beloved children. These dads are so creative and so their children are. They have fun together. And it’s such a pleasure to see their happy eyes and smiling faces.

Spend more time with your little kids and you’ll be happy. Read the rest of this entry »

A child and a little red kitten

Hi there! Have you missed our photos? The todays’ topic is the love of kids and their cats. People say that if you want your child to grow up a kind person, get a domestic animal – a cat, in our case. You can see it just having looked at the photos. The feelings are sincere and the kids are so cute. We know that almost all the cats are very independent, but they also need love and care, which they can get from their little friends. And do you have any pets?  Read the rest of this entry »

Child watching a cool firework and singing

Hello, everyone! Are you ready for the biggest holiday of the year? Yeah, we speak about Christmas. It is the most wonderful time. Everyone gets presents and the magic things happen. It’s the time for celebrating with family and friends.

Children believe in Santa Claus. They write letters,  prepare milk and cooking for leaving on Christmas eve and wait for the presents. Isn’t it cool? So, we have prepared a selection of Christmas photos with children. They are all very cute and beautiful.

We are sure, you’ll like them all. Have a nice day.  Read the rest of this entry »

Pirate ship room

Hi there! Let’s talk about interior design of the kids’ living space. It’s very important for the children to have their own place where they can learn, thrive and play all their free time.

We want to show you some cool interior design ideas for the kids’ rooms. They are awesome and can make the children’s life merry and joyful. They can use their imagination and create various games and activities.

But are these rooms very safe? We are not sure. Many ropes, ladders and different edges can hurt your kids. So, what to choose? A quiet room without the possibilities to have fun and to develop the imagination or a creative room, which can be the cause of injury?

What do you think? Read the rest of this entry »

The drawing of chameleon

In the childhood all of us liked to draw different creatures and imagine their life and actions. And we dreamt about the magic wand, which can make our drawings real and touchable.

A talented artist Wendy Tsao from Vancouver seems to have such a wand. She turns the drawings into wonderful plush toys. She began creating them in 2007 from turning her son’s pictures into real-life toys. The result was amazing and the son got very excited seeing his drawings in 3D.

Since that time she has made more than 400 plushies and all of them are wonderful.  Read the rest of this entry »

Underwater magic

A girl underwater

All of us have moments, which are timeless, and which we will remember for all our lives. The photo shooting underwater is one of such moments. We want to show you a cute series of photos, which have been made below the surface by a talented photographer Adam Opris. All these happy swimmers can motivate you to create your own shoots with your children. This process should be very fun and it will bring lots of joy. You will see that the kids can swim for a long time and you will be able to create magical photos. Have a nice day and be inspired.  Read the rest of this entry »

A baby boy and a little dog

Parents, which are also photographers by profession, create sweet series of photos having their own models at home. Certainly, we speak about children.

Adrian Murray is the father of two boys, whose photos you will see in this collection. Adrian says that this photo shooting reminds him how quickly everything passes and happy moments can happen every day. Childhood is the most wonderful time, which should not be forgotten, and the photos can help in fulfilling this aim. Adrian tries exploring the world with his boys’ eyes, and it comes out great.

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