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A girl, flowers and a cake

Do you like sweets? They are so tasty. Today we want to show you wonderful photos of children and various cakes. These pictures have been made by a talented Russian photographer Olha Guzhevnikova. They are very bright and beautiful. Boys and girls have been shot in the surrounding of the cakes and sweets. Can you imagine how these young models wanted to eat all these sweet decorations while being acting? I think it was very difficult. The photos will remind you about your childhood when the sweets were the most wanted things.  Read the rest of this entry »

A happy family

This touching collection of photos by an American photographer Kate T. Parker is about baby boy’s adoption. It is called “Blended.” Kate’s sister has adopted a wonderful baby named Sam and you can see a happy family and this wonderful baby boy. All the relatives are very glad to have another life in their family. Though the series of photos is black and white, it shows bright and tender feeling to the little boy. And, for sure, he will be happy. Read the rest of this entry »

The boys are jumping near the waterfall

Children remain children in any situation and in any country. It doesn’t matter the economic situation or cultural background. They can always find the ways to play or just to have a pleasant time. Today we want to show you fabulous photos of playing children from different countries by different photographers. There are some things which unite them – children, games and happiness. Look at these pictures. They are so bright and positive. You will understand that the childhood is the happiest time in everyone’s life. Read the rest of this entry »

A little girl in the boat

These photos are beautiful though sometimes they are rather sad. Holly Spring, a wonderful photographer who likes making incredible photos of her little beautiful daughter. You can ask why we think that these photos are sad. It is all because the girl struggled with Hirschsprung’s Disease in her early childhood and now she has no left hand. The aim of these photos is to show little girl that she is very beautiful and there are no limits in her life. She should believe in herself and she can do everything she wants.  Read the rest of this entry »

Two boys on the haystack

This is an amazing collection of black and white photos “Summertime” by a Polish photographer Izabela Urbaniak. She often takes photos of her little kids. That’s why she has decided to make such wonderful series of photos. Many children usually spend their free time sitting near the computers or TVs. But these pictures are about idyllic vacations in which children spend in the countryside. The kids play with cats and dogs, run, swim and play different games. Such days, when people are free from the creature comforts are marvelous, and, for sure, they are very happy. Children will remember these moments for the whole life. Read the rest of this entry »

A girl wearing a green dress with a flash-light with a

Today we want to show you wonderful photos by a talented, internationally published portrait photographer Lisa Holloway from Northwestern Arizona.  She is a mother of 10 children and that’s why her favorite theme is family. All the pictures are like from the fairy-tales. Her pictures are magical and soul-seeking. Certainly, Lisa, as a lovely mother, often takes shots of her children and there are her models in almost all the amazing projects. And all the photos turn out timeless and elegant. Paul Caponigro has said about Lisa’s works – “It is one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.” Read the rest of this entry »

A boy with a dog and a man with a dog

Today we want to show you a wonderful selection of recreated photos from the childhood. They all are amazing and very funny. The trend of recreation childhood photo shots have appeared lately. Many people from all over the world create their own masterpieces using various decorations and dressing similar clothes. They make pictures to feel the childhood nostalgia and to remember careless time. Looking at the photos you can see that it’s very difficult to recreate emotions, because in the childhood everyone is merry and happy. But the pictures are so great. Read the rest of this entry »

Two happy schoolgirls

Do you remember your first day at school? We hope it was unforgettable, because on that day the kid becomes a schoolchild and everything changes. Now we want to show you the first school day by the eyes of a Russian photographer Nadezhda Shibina aka Nadima. These photos are the recreations of her own reminiscences about school years. Decorations, bows, school uniforms remind about past times. The girls on the pictures are so happy and merry. They are smiling and thinking about their friends and the games outdoors. The childhood is so wonderful. Read the rest of this entry »

A little baby and a big dog

Today we want to show you cute photos of little kids with their big dogs. In spite of their size, giant dogs can be wonderful friends for the whole family. They love and protect the children they live with. These photos can show that dogs and kids love each other and look wonderful together. Pets can teach your child be responsible and confident. They can be good friends.  But, certainly, not all the big dogs can be good for the families with children. Herders or guard dogs are not perfect. Do you have a dog? Read the rest of this entry »

A baby under a towel

Today we want to show you wonderful photos by an American photographer Kelli Adams. Her pictures are so delicate and warm. She is a mummy of a little girl, that’s why all her photos are very vivid and show the children merry and happy. The decorations and the scenes Kelli creates by herself. When looking at the photos you can see smiling kids and they all are very beautiful. Kelli knows that children grow fast and how important it is to capture all the moments from their interesting lives. Read the rest of this entry »