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A little girl

This series of photos is called black and white. Here you won’t see bright colours or vivid shades. All the pictures are black and white. But the emotions which you see are so bright and positive. The author of these pictures is Zina Erasmus, a photographer from Australia. Zina wants to show the childhood and its wonder. The girls on the photos are happy and merry. We can feel the wonderful mood even without the colours on these photos. Read the rest of this entry »

Children are dancing in a circle

Look at these funny pictures. It seems that all of them have been made by children because they are very bright and childish. But their author is Maria Monescillo, a wonderful illustrator from Spain. The artist says that the themes for the illustrations she takes from her dreams. It explains why the pictures are so remarkable and fabulous. The pictures are like wonderful fairy tales. Each of them can tell us its own story. Read the rest of this entry »

A girl is reading a book to the animals

Shinya Okayama is a young and talented Japanese artist. Her wonderful illustration can move us to the world of mysterious creatures and happy children. Sometimes you can meet animals and different people. These pictures are like little stories. You can imagine how the characters live and what do they speak about. The illustrations are very bright and carefully detailed. The children are very kind and merry. They are almost always depicted with different animals. Read the rest of this entry »

A boy and a girl jumping with the rope

Today we want to show you a beautiful collection of very funny pictures by a Dutch-born illustrator and painter Robert Wagt. Many of his works are exhibited in different galleries of the USA and Europe. Robert Wagt likes depicting funny scenes from the modern life of various people, naughty children and their parents. All the illustrations are very bright, funny and optimistic. When you see them you can remember the interesting scenes from your own childhood. Read the rest of this entry »

A family is trying to catch a fly

Today we want to show you a wonderful collection of funny illustrations by a Chinese artist Xie Yousu. His works are full of humorous and optimistic details. All the characters are very and emotional. Xie Yousu likes depicting the life of various people and their children – various funny situations, meeting in the park or in the street. These illustrations make people smile and raise even the worst mood. Have a pleasant viewing. Read the rest of this entry »

First steps

George Hall Neale "First steps" (1888)

When babies take their first steps everyone becomes worried and happy at the same time. The famous artists have depicted this wonderful moments in their masterpieces. We want to show you the paintings by various artists. You can see here the works by Gaetano Chierici, George Hall Neale, Vincent Willem van Gogh and others. They lived in different centuries and painted this moment with different details. This collection is magnificent. The babies are so funny and the grown-ups are merry. Read the rest of this entry »

A boy with a suitcase near the railway station

The girls always want to be boys in their childhood. Because the boys can be naughty, they can run around with their cars and planes. The boys can climb up the trees and have many different things in their pockets. It’s so cool to be boys. The photographer Tatyana Tomsickova has created the series of photos about 2 boys. The pictures are very cute and cool. The boys are awesome. This series is often replenished with other photos in various decorations and situations. Read the rest of this entry »

A girl and a chicken

These are amazing photographs by a Russian photographer Zakonova Natalia from Saint-Petersburg. All the pictures are full of light and pleasant emotions. Natalia likes taking photos of families, children and domestic animals. She knows how to reproduce their emotions and thoughts. Zakonova creates various series of photos. Today we will show you the summer days the beautiful nature and happy children’s eyes. The pictures will move us to the world of dreams and wonderful creatures. Read the rest of this entry »

Baby strollers

A picture of baby stroller by Matthias Peschke-Köedt

Certainly all the parents like carrying their children in their hands. There are different tools like baby slings and backpack carriers. The baby stroller has appeared only in 1733. It was created by an Englishman William Kent. They were decorated in rich details. Today we want to show you the pictures of the first baby carriages as they were depicted by different painters. The pictures are various and you can see the types of the strollers in different countries and different people. Read the rest of this entry »

Tree houses

A boy at the tree house

Have you ever dreamt about a little house on the tree? In our childhood we all wished to have such a dwelling. Today we want to show you several wonderful tree houses from various corners of the world. Our pictures will move you to the world of adventures and happiness, to the world where Peter Pen and different fairies live. All the photos are very different just like the tree houses. We hope you can find the model of the house you like. Read the rest of this entry »