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a black girl

We want to show you some incredible paintings by a self-taught artist Nancy Howe. Her works are so real that it’s difficult to believe they are not photographs. She depicts children and women from poor areas of different countries, especially from Africa. Nancy has created a project to take money for these people. This project gathers pictures of many artists and the money’s got from their selling will go to help them. We hope you’ll like these wonderful pictures. Read the rest of this entry »

a boy and a girl

Fritz Beinke (1842-1907) is a German painter who has painted a series of pictures about different children. We want to show you a selection of these paintings. They are bright and funny. They show naughty boys and girls when they play different games or make their tricks. Beinke depicts rural dwellers and their life. We hope you’ll like these wonderful paintings. Read the rest of this entry »

an Asian boy with bananas

Joyce Birkenstock is a wonderful artist who has visited most countries in the world. Her paintings are incredible. They are very bright and marvelous. She depicts people, especially children from different countries. Joyce has won many different awards for her pictures, like Disney Productions Purchase Award, the Distinguished Achievement in Portrait Painting award, the Grumbacher Silver Medallion and others. We hope you’ll like these amazing paintings. Read the rest of this entry »

a boy and a panther

Today we want to show you the selection of wonderful photos by Vladimir Zotov, a talented photographer from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. The children in his photos are alive, their emotions are very vivid. And we often can see different animals together with little kids. Vladimir depicts his characters not only as children but also as very strong personalities. We hope you’ll like these wonderful photos. Read the rest of this entry »

two little girls near the bush

Here is the selection of paintings by a famous Belgian painter Jan Francois Verhas . His works are very detailed. They are in many museums all over the world. He was fond of painting children of bourgeoisie. These paintings are very bright and beautiful. Besides Jan depicted persons of political and artistic world. It brought him a big fame. WE hope you’ll like this selection of paintings because all the pictures are very interesting and beautiful. Read the rest of this entry »

a little boxer

We have prepared the selection of incredible photos for you today. These pictures was made by a German photographer Sandra Hoyn, when she was travelling by Thailand. These children in the pictures are real boxers and they are not more than 10 years. For many poor families the boxing is the only way to get money, that’s why many little children, who are not even 6 years become boxers. They have trainings 6 times a week for three hours. That influence children’s health but their parents don’t see other opportunities to get money for their living. Read the rest of this entry »

a curly child is sleeping

We want to offer you to view amazing paintings of babies, children and their mother by a wonderful artist Vicente Romero Redondo. He lives in Spain, in Madrid. His works are full of light and tenderness. It seems that he knows everything about the relations of mothers and their babies. Look at these wonderful characters, they are so beautiful.  They love each other and they are smiling. The main theme is the motherhood and the childhood. We hope you’ll like these incredible and very tender paintings.  Read the rest of this entry »

a girl in red, red flowers

Today we want to show you wonderful works by a talented artist Irina Yasiukayt-Dudareva. Irina lives in Minsk and paints pictures about families and children. Her paintings are like little worlds, they can tell you interesting stories about their dwellers. The artist uses warm colours and That’s why the atmosphere of the painting is very intimate, it seems that the characters, especially the children live with their own lives. We hope you’ll like these paintings. Read the rest of this entry »

a girl with a basket of grass

Today we want to show you paintings by a famous American artist Robert Duncan. He was born in Utah and began drawing at the age of eleven. He spent all his summer vacations at his grandparents’ ranch and since that he has loved painting the countryside, farmyards and their dwellers. Robert has won many awards for his marvelous paintings. He likes to depict children and their pets, farmers and their families. All the paintings are bright and full of kindness. Read the rest of this entry »

a polar bear and many children

Do you like winter? Yes, it has just recently gone but we offer you to remember wonderful winter days full of winter joy and happiness. We have prepared a wonderful collection of paintings by an American artist Robert Duncan. His winter paintings are so great. There is much snow, there are many children and all of them are very happy playing snowballs, making snowmen and just having fun. These pictures make people smile. We hope you’ll like this wonderful selection of paintings. Read the rest of this entry »