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A Depictor of the Soviet Epoch’s Children, Nikolay Zhukov.

A famous Russian artist Nikolay Zhukov was born in 1908 in Moscow. He got his primary arts education in Novgorod Industrial College and in 1928 entered the Saratov Arts College which he graduated from in 1930.

a boy in the fur hat

Ashe was living in the Soviet Epoch his works were mostly devoted to the leaders of the soviet country: Lenin, Stalin and others.

guess what is this

But he also adored   drawing children.


When the Second World War started Zhukov went to the war and during this period he was working as a journalists in the military newspaper.


After the war Nicolay Zhukov illustrated a lot of books, drew the battle scenes and of course made a lot of children’s portraits.

a girl with the braids

In 1968 he visited Italy where trained the depicting of the extensive scenes.

a boy in the fur hat

He died in 1973 and left lots of watercolour and graphic  children’s portrait.


Nikolay Zhukov said: “Its so fascinating to watch the character of a little man in huis development, to see the appearing of new features and his mind becomes more perfect. ”

washing the face

a small girl