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A fairy world by Lynn Lupetti

people, a polar bear, a baby, a girl

Though I’m not a child already I often dream about fairy lands and wonderful creatures. This project is for such dreamers as I am who wants to return in their childhood. Lynn Lupetti is a modern American artist and illustrator. The beauty and magic of her fantasy works has made her well-known all around the world. You can see fairies, elves, animals and certainly children in her works. And having looked at them everyone feels a child himself who believes in fairy-tales and wonders.

a boy, knights, a castle

a girl, a bird, a nest, an old woman

a sleeping boy, a castle, horses, a moon

a girl, a castle, many people

a girl, a fairy

a girl, a baby

a sleeping boy, houses,  horses

a boy and a lion

a girl, an elephant, clouds