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“Adult Children” by Anna Skladmann

a boy, a roof of the house

Vadim, 9. The photo was made on the roof of his parents’ penthouse in Moscow

German photographer Anna Skladmann has made an interesting series of photos titled “Adult Children”. It has taken her several years to take pictures of Russian upper class kids. Here you can see the children of oligarchs, designers and directors, artists and musicians, business people and oil magnates. They live in a big house and have everything they want, maybe except the main thing – they don’t have childhood. The kids live within certain rules which were given them by their parents. But of course they are happy because they don’t know another life.

a boy sitting by the wall, pictures in the wall

Roman in the tattoo salon where his mother likes to go

a boy, a big room, a boy with a rifle

Yakov, 10. He likes  arms and his father collects different kinds of weapons

a girl and a boy, classic suits, a big hall

Nikita and Alina in the embassy of Italy

two girls, scarves, long hair, in the boat

Twins Ilona and Ella in the boat

a boy, a theatre

Vova in the Opera Theatre which belongs to his father

a girl, many expensive cars

Alina in her father’s garage

a girl sitting on the table, a long table, chairs

Liza sitting on the dinner table in her house

a boy in the costume of hussar, a big hall.