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Amazing pictures by Elena Ellis

a boy and a fox

Today we want to raise your mood. These wonderful pictures of children are so cute and funny. They are like illustrations for children books. The author of these amazing pictures is a British artist Elena Ellis. Her pictures are so warm, they have a part of childhood. The babies in this pictures are like fairies, elves and so on. Some pictures are about little prince on a little planet. Elena’s works present smiles to every person who sees them. We hope you’ll love these works. Enjoy.

a girl on the flower

a girl at the bottle of milk

a girl playing with buttons

a girl with jam

a boy, a girl and a cat

a boy and a girl on the car

two boys on the planet

2015-07-01 23:18:23
Good evening I came across these cute baby photos and love them, Wanted to use them in crafts that are sold. But I believe there would be copyright issues even If I keep artist name on image? These are so adorable
Pam Petersen
2015-08-14 12:01:03
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful <3