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Amazing pictures of children by Tatyana Deriy

a little girl with dolls

Look at these wonderful pictures. The children here are so beautiful and natural. The author of these amazing paintings is a Moscow artist Tatyana Deriy. The children in her works are the personification of the sincerity. The images are so bright and clear. There are many animals in the pictures, cats and dogs. Tatyana says that she uses cats to reproduce certain images and the mood. Tatyana tries to show us the childhood with her wonderful works, with beautiful pictures. And I think she’s managed to do it. Enjoy these amazing paintings.

the girl is behind the door

a girl is reading a book at night with the lamp

a girl in the park

a boy is sleeping with toys

a child is lookingat the caterpillar

a girl and a dog

a boy is looking at his reflection in the mirror

three children in the room

a girl is picking the leaves

a girl is playing with the cat