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Autumn and Children

Autumn can be called a golden season because this color is dominating in the nature in this period. Gradually it is getting colder and colder and one should dress warmer and warmer. Though, for the children it is not a trouble.


It is so interesting to observe the changes in the nature. And it is more interesting to take part in them. For example, after a cold autumn rain you can put on gumboots and step into a puddle. It is such a fun when you make mighty splashes with your feet!


In this period the whole nature is getting ready for the winter. The leaves become yellow, red, orange or brown and the first cold autumn wind tears then down making a real carpet from them. All the children like to walk and play on it.


There are so many different leaves of different colors!

No child would ever refuse to play with them.


How wonderful it is to throw up an armful of them so they make a real fall of the leaves!


The smallest children also have something to do. They would crawl on it with great pleasure, touching many-colored autumn leaves.




Someone may say that autumn is the saddest time of a year because of the weather, but any child can disapprove it as there are so many things to do in this season.



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