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Babies by Alicia Gould

a baby, a baby sleeping

The birth of a baby is a real holiday in the family. All parents try to make photos of every moment of their beloved wonder. Alicia Gould , the photographer from New Jersey  takes beautiful pictures of babies from the  first minutes of their life.  The models are so cute, they often just fall asleep, or lie in embryo poses. The first week of any kid is very important, the parents are very protective within this period. That’s why  all the photos are made at the clients home to make parents not to feel nervous, relax and just enjoy the process. The pictures takes out so cute.  Alicia pays large attention to details – she carefully places every finger, every toe to its position. The series is amazing.

a baby in the hat, a baby sleeping

two babies, two girls sleeping

a boy is sleeping, a baby, a mother

a black man with a child, a baby sleeping

two babies sleeping

a baby sleeping, a blue cover, a stripe hat

a black baby, a baby sleeping

a little boy, a sleeping baby