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Babies under water

There is a set of photos made in London Baby Swim Centre in the western part of London. This is one of the first centers which specializes in teaching toddlers to swim.


The specialists work with babies from six weeks old up to twelve months. The younger the baby is, the better.



Ana Torres and Phil Shaw founded this centre in 2008. Since then it has become so popular that the founders are thinking of opening one more Baby Swim Centre in the southern part of London.


It is known that after nine months in mother’s womb every child has an inborn swimming reflex as all this time he has been in the water surroundings.


They also have a reflex that enables them to hold their breath when they are dipped into the water.


In the center babies and toddlers learn not only to hold on the water surface, but also to dive and swim underwater.


Such lessons are useful for baby’s health: they develop cardiovascular system and motility.


There are specially prepared coaches in Baby Swim Centre, who work with babies and their parents. They professionals help to keep safety and derive from the lessons as much pleasure as possible.


After finishing the course Phil Shaw makes photos of his little pupils.