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Baby Nursery

What first comes to your mind when you hear these words? It is an ideal quiet room where everything is decorated with white lace and in the soft cloud of rushes there sleeps a baby, isn’t it? It makes a very beautiful picture, however in the reality it is not really so.
Some parents still can follow this classic tendency in decorating the nursery.

It looks like a fairy tale.

It is quite useful as the colors, which are used are neutral and are suitable to a boy as well as to a girl.
But the majority of parents nowadays prefer to make the nursery room look modern. This is what the modern fairy tale room looks like.

Sine older times pink has been considered the color for girls. So pink and all its shades are dominating in such interiors.



The apartments of a princess.



Blue, sometimes green are thought to be the color for boys. At present this tradition is still kept to.


And here are the examples of the “uni-sex” nurseries.



More often considering the lack of space parents have to turn a part of their bedroom into a small nursery.


By the way, it is much more convenient as one can control an infant day and night.



No matter what the baby’s gender is, every parent aspires to make the first room of the new baby the most beautiful and unforgettable.