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“Beautiful Eyes” by Frances Hook

Frances Hook is an American artist born in Pennsylvania. She got her education in Pennsylvanian Arts Museum Courses.

under the blanket

She was working in this museum and painting under influence of  Renoir and Degas’s works.

red-haired boy

She became famous after illustrating the Living Bible for children.


She was working upon it with his husband, Richard. Her favourite working material was pastel.

with the kitten

Her paintings were warmly taken by American public.

a new red shirt

She created near 125 pastel works.


With this works Frances crated the American Beauty children’s’ Line.


The critics said that  she  is an artist with a keen sense of observation of the world and the determination to translate those observations with exacting professionalism.


But in 1983 she died after the car accident.



fluffy mittens