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Beautiful paintings by Arthur John Elsley

a girl in a hat with lambs

Look at these beautiful pictures of children. They are very detailed and all the kids are merry and happy. These paintings have been made by a famous American artist Arthur John Elsley. He was born in 1860 and all his life painted children and animals. He has depicted the cult of the families, tenderness and comfort. At those tomes there was a common children mortality so all the people wanted to make portraits of their children… to remember. Fortunately, now we’ve got advanced medicine and there isn’t such trouble. Enjoy.

two children and an old man with puppies

children playing near the boat

a girl near the dog

a little girl and a dog

a girl and puppies

a girl and a dog with two puppies

two girls and puppies

a woman, a boy and girls

a boy, a girl and a puppy