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Beautiful paintings by Sandra Kuck

a girl, winter, a snowman

These paintings are very romantic and beautiful. Sandra Kuck is a famous well-known artist. She always loved doodling and sketching. And when studying at UCLA and The Art Student’s League in New York she realized that she wanted to paint children. And now she has the honor of being an eight-time winner of “Artist of the Year” from the National Association of Limited Dealers. Her strong sense of family we can see in all the works. Because the paintings are impregnated with love to children, warmth to family relationship and sensuality. There are lots of flowers in the pictures and all the colours are bright.

happy children, a new year tree, winter

a girl with a kitten, many flowers

a woman and a baby, many flowers

a boy fishing, a puppy, a pond

a girl walking , sea, sand

a girl reading in the armchair, a teddy-bear, a doll, a kitten

tvins, two girls, a flower garden, a basket

a river, two girls in a boat, a swan

a woman, a girl and a baby, a bed, white clothes

a girl with a teddy-beat, a hat with flowers