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Beth Jansen and Her Inspiration

For some years Beth Jansen turned from the usual housewife into one of the most popular family photographers of Oklahoma State, the USA.

sleeping beauty

Beth is a mother of two beautiful sons.

sweet children

Of course, her creativity was influenced by her motherhood, maybe that’s why the biggest part of her works is devoted to children.

a baby ih the hat

The portraits, made by her, shine with the kindness and tenderness of a real mother.

the look

The photos differ from the others’ photographers’ works by cheerful brightness and emotionality.

who is there

The great part of her photos depicts the newborn babies with knitted things of various colours.

newborn with a toy

Beth doesn’t use a camera flash and says she even doesn’t know how it works.

smiling boy

She says she’s an extravert and she feeds upon the communication with her cute little models.

a box  of surprise

Her pictures Beth finishes with the help of Photoshop and it gives to her photos more colours and shades.