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a boy with a rabbit

This series of photos are about love, tenderness, and curiosity. Russian photographer Elena Shumilova makes pictures of her sons, Yaroslav and Vanya, and their animals: amazing dog, cat, duckling and rabbit. Here we can see a unique bond of the kids with the nature. The photos are so cozy and heartwarming, the children and their friends behave themselves so naturally. These pictures remind us about such a beautiful world surrounding us. We hope you’ll love this wonderful collection of photos.

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Tender photos by Elena Shumilova

Teo on BO

Here we want you to see such cute photos of friends: a little dog and a puppy. Every day two years boy Bo and his puppy Teo go to sleep together and Bo’s mother takes pictures of them. Teo is a wonderful eight-months puppy and the best Bo’s friend. When it was taken from the dog shelter he choose Bo as a friend. And since that it sleeps together with a little boy. They are so sweet, aren’t they? Jessica, Bo’s mother has made a series of photos of such beautiful babies.

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Bo and Teo – friends forever

a cat and a kitten

Today we want to show you the unusual pictures. Here is the photo selection of baby animals and their mothers. The maternal instinct is inherent not only in people but also in animals. These photos are amazing and very cute. Baby cubs are funny and very touching. Their mothers are very tender but they can defend their children from everything. It’s so wonderful to see such photos. We hope you’ll love them very much.

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Animals and their babies

a girl, a cup of tea, puppies

Looking at these pictures I feel happiness and calmness. Kevin Daniel is a modern painter-realist who is interested in painting children, animals and the whole nature. Having studied the works of famous painters like Rembrandt, Renoir and Monet he has been impressed by their details and use of colours. And now with all his love for nature he tries to show the nature’s beauty with his paintings. Almost all the children in his pictures are fond of animal, they are often depicted with their pets: dogs or cats. The paintings are very romantic and intimate. They show the scenes of different families lives.

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Children and nature by Kevin Daniel

a girl and a teddy-bear, a teddy-bear, a little girl

Look at these pictures! They are so  charming!  The author, Japanese Illustrator Kenji Matsubara, has created  them through the use of colour pencils alone. The drawings are filled with warm-heartedness and tenderness. Every child is very individual and has a lot of experience to his name. These portraits are the reflection of our souls because no one mind is the same. Read the rest of this entry »

Children by Kenji Matsubara

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Cute baby-animals

dog kisses young baby

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Dogs & children

They look so cute together, don’t they?

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Children and cats

Little Kitty

Small gift

Sad Puppy Dog

Sad Puppy Dog