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a boy and a fox

Today we want to raise your mood. These wonderful pictures of children are so cute and funny. They are like illustrations for children books. The author of these amazing pictures is a British artist Elena Ellis. Her pictures are so warm, they have a part of childhood. The babies in this pictures are like fairies, elves and so on. Some pictures are about little prince on a little planet. Elena’s works present smiles to every person who sees them. We hope you’ll love these works. Enjoy.

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Amazing pictures by Elena Ellis

a girl and a teddy-bear, a teddy-bear, a little girl

Look at these pictures! They are so  charming!  The author, Japanese Illustrator Kenji Matsubara, has created  them through the use of colour pencils alone. The drawings are filled with warm-heartedness and tenderness. Every child is very individual and has a lot of experience to his name. These portraits are the reflection of our souls because no one mind is the same. Read the rest of this entry »

Children by Kenji Matsubara

Sarah Key draws the romantic and sometimes naïve universe of childhood filled with the happiness, warmth and tenderness.

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Happy Childhood World by Sarah Key

A modern painter from Kyiv, Ukraine, Evhenia Gapchynska , is often called “Happiness Supplier”.

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Happiness Supplier No1

A famous American photographer Richard Ramsey  is the owner of the studio called Ramsey Photography. He has lived in Tennessee over 40 years and more than 3 decades  he  has been in portrait photography.

Ramsey. Children

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“The childhood has a special scent…”by Richard Ramsey

American artist Donald Zolan is called one of the most positive and kind painters.His canvas depicting children are full of love, light and sincere emotions.

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Beautiful Childhood by Donald Zolan

Cat and little girl

Cat and little girl

Best friends

cartoon baby pictureVery sweet cartoon baby picture. A little shy.

Sweet Cartoon Baby Picture

cartoon baby girl pictureShe is so sweet. I wish i had a gift that i could draw this kind of cartoon baby girl pictures.

Cartoon Baby Girl Picture