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The drawing of chameleon

In the childhood all of us liked to draw different creatures and imagine their life and actions. And we dreamt about the magic wand, which can make our drawings real and touchable.

A talented artist Wendy Tsao from Vancouver seems to have such a wand. She turns the drawings into wonderful plush toys. She began creating them in 2007 from turning her son’s pictures into real-life toys. The result was amazing and the son got very excited seeing his drawings in 3D.

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Children’s drawings turned into plush toys


Halloween is such a perfect holiday of terrifying costumes and sweet candies. It takes the beginning from the ancient Celtic tradition to end the harvest season and to mark the beginning of cold winter days. The Celts believed that Halloween was the day when the bridge to the world of dead could appear.

But time has passed and this event has transformed. Now it is a favorite holiday of  the children of all ages. They wear awesome costumes of different creatures and terrorize their neighbors with the words “Trick or Treat” in return for sweets and candies. People carve jack-o-lanterns, visit “haunted houses” and organize costume parties. Everyone has fun.

And what about you? Have you already prepared for this holiday? We want to show you the selection of the kids’ Halloween costume ideas. They all are great and can raise your mood.

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Halloween is coming. Splendid ideas of the Halloween costumes for your children

A little baby and a big dog

Today we want to show you cute photos of little kids with their big dogs. In spite of their size, giant dogs can be wonderful friends for the whole family. They love and protect the children they live with. These photos can show that dogs and kids love each other and look wonderful together. Pets can teach your child be responsible and confident. They can be good friends.  But, certainly, not all the big dogs can be good for the families with children. Herders or guard dogs are not perfect. Do you have a dog? Read the rest of this entry »

Little babies and big dogs are best friends

a girl, flowers

These realistic paintings of beautiful children were made by the famous artist Jean Monti. She is well-known for her pictures which celebrate the joy of childhood and family. Jean was born in a family of six children. At a very young age painting and drawing became her passion. Monti loves painting children most of all. And her paintings are very realistic and sensitive, the children in her works are very cute. The artist says her work is an extension to herself – a legacy to her children and family. And adds that her work is to make people happy.

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Paintings by Jean Monti

a baby is like a DJ

These baby photos are so cute. This series of photos was made by a talented mother Adel Enersen from Finland. Adel is a copywriter and a freelancer, but when she has free time she makes pictures of her children. You’ve already seen her project “When my baby dreams” with her little daughter Mila starring. And these photos are with her little son Vinsent. Adel was making photos of her son with her telephone when he didn’t want to sleep  and then drew some details. And the photos have turned out great. Have a pleasant viewing!

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Funny photos by Adel Enersen

boys, a car, buildings

Look at these awesome photos. They are made by Belgium film maker Frank Uyttenhove. His works are always very creative and in every picture there is humor and irony. Children are very different in all his projects. We can see infants, babies and toddlers who pretend to be adults. Frank’s attention to details, his ability to involve people in his imaginative world are the reasons you always see a story in his works.

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Creative photos by Frank Uyttenhove

a camera, a girl, a cat

Russian photographer Andy Prokh has made an amazing project “Little Girl and Tomcat” where his little daughter Katherine (who is four now) and a grey British Shorthair cat called LiLu Blue Royal Lady are shot. The photoes are black and white and this gives them wonderful charm. The images are so beautiful. When you have a look at all the photos you understand that they are real friends and it seems that all the activities: play, eat, read books and even sleep they do together.

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“Little Girl and Tomcat” by Andy Prokh

a baby, a baby sleeping

The birth of a baby is a real holiday in the family. All parents try to make photos of every moment of their beloved wonder. Alicia Gould , the photographer from New Jersey  takes beautiful pictures of babies from the  first minutes of their life.  The models are so cute, they often just fall asleep, or lie in embryo poses. The first week of any kid is very important, the parents are very protective within this period. That’s why  all the photos are made at the clients home to make parents not to feel nervous, relax and just enjoy the process. The pictures takes out so cute.  Alicia pays large attention to details – she carefully places every finger, every toe to its position. The series is amazing.

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Babies by Alicia Gould

a man, a baby, yawning, a tatoo

Look at this wonderful selection of photos. Children with their fathers are so cute. All of us know about mother’s love to their children. We know many photos, stories and songs devoting to this theme. But fathers love their babies not less though they usually hide their feelings, even if we speak about love to their own kids. The photographers have decided to change the situation and to show how intimate fathers and children can be. They always try to help and to realize their kids’ dream. Let’s say “thank you” to our own fathers for their love.

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Fathers and their children

a baby, a snowman

Look at these cute babies in the wonderful costumes. They are so beautiful and happy. The author of these costumes and photographs is Tom Arma. He is “the most published baby photographer in the world” as the New York Times has reported. Tom Arma Tom began doing costumes for infants in 1972. They are beautifully designed and just gorgeous to look at. Tom says that his work has touched millions of people all over the world and he hopes that through these photographs, people come to this reality:“We are all part of the web of life, and whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves”.

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Cute babies by Tom Arma