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a little baby and a woman

We have prepared a wonderful series of pictures “One day young” by a British photographer Jenny Lewis. These are beautiful portraits of women and their one-day-old- babies. They are so warm and delicate. All the photos were made in comfortable conditions at women’s home. Lewis’s photos are little touching stories. The babies are so small and their mothers are so natural and beautiful. We are sure you’ll love this delicate and touching collection of photographs. Read the rest of this entry »

“One day young” by Jenny Lewis

a little girl, a baby sleeping

Philadelphia photographer Dan Cuellar makes wonderful series of photographs with sweet babies. When looking at them you feel tenderness and love. The babies are about two weeks old. They are relaxing in different dreamy poses, on various fabrics. Sometimes they are asleep and smile, sometimes they have the heads on their fists. The pictures are so nice and beautiful.

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Beautiful babies by Dan Cuellar

a newborn baby

These series of photos by French photographer Thierry Bouët is so adorable. He has captured newborn babies within their first few hours of life. The photos have been shown in Paris after being blown up to extremely large proportions. There is something magical in these pictures. The babies look a little strange, they sleep or cry all time, but they are so beautiful. Look at these faces, they are the sweetest things for their parents.

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Newborn babies by Thierry Bouët

a baby, a baby sleeping

The birth of a baby is a real holiday in the family. All parents try to make photos of every moment of their beloved wonder. Alicia Gould , the photographer from New Jersey  takes beautiful pictures of babies from the  first minutes of their life.  The models are so cute, they often just fall asleep, or lie in embryo poses. The first week of any kid is very important, the parents are very protective within this period. That’s why  all the photos are made at the clients home to make parents not to feel nervous, relax and just enjoy the process. The pictures takes out so cute.  Alicia pays large attention to details – she carefully places every finger, every toe to its position. The series is amazing.

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Babies by Alicia Gould


a little girl, a dollIt’s hard to believe but these girls are not real. They are just beautiful dolls. The French artist Laurence Rue makes amazing incredibly lifelike creatures using polymer clay. She makes several dolls a year. They are one of a kind and cannot be replaced because there are no molds. Details on the face Laurence paints with acrylic. The dolls range from 20cm for a baby to 60 cm for a little girl. The eyes are made of glass and the hair is made of mohair or real hair. Also the artist spends a lot of time creating the image of every girl, their dresses and hats and so on. Laurence says that her aim is to give emotions. She is very sensitive to expressions like delicacy, timidity, surprise and tenderness. And her dolls can present us all these feelings.

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Dolls by Laurence Rue

a baby sleeping, a baby in a red hat, a baby in a basket

These sleeping babies are so sweet. Maria Murray  is the photographer  who has made such wonderful pictures.  But just ten years ago she was a Mortgage broker till she got professional photos of her baby and didn’t like the result. And now she is one of Britain’s best baby portrait photographers. She makes photos of celebrities and even the royal family calling on her ideas. She tries to show the beauty of all children using all sources of photography. Her talent is  so great and the children on her photos are so cute. Read the rest of this entry »

“Sweet Bambini” by Maria Murray

a baby doll, little baby, realistic doll

Every girl dreams about her only doll which looks like a real baby. Camille Allen is an artist from Canada. She makes very realistic baby sculptures. You can see boys and girls in different poses, even fetal position, so you can think they are real babies. For making such impressive dolls Camille uses professional doll sculptors’ clay, for their hair – English mohair. Her works are incredible. Let’s have a look at them together. Read the rest of this entry »

Baby sculptures by Camille Allen

The worldwide famous photoartist Anne Geddes has been working for 30 years.She creates the masrepieces of photography with cute newborn babies.

smiling baby

smiling baby

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Baby Pictures by Anne Geddes

New Born Baby

New Born Baby

Newborn baby boyHe looks very smart. I like quite babies a lot. This newborn baby boy will have a perfect life, i am sure.

Newborn baby boy