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Theo, Beau amd evangeline sleeping

Hello, everyone! How are you today?

We want to raise your mood a little and to show you several very cute photos of sleeping kids and their dog. Some months ago we showed you some photos of a little boy Beau and his puppy Theo, a duo which usually naps together everywhere. Today we want to tell you that this cute team has a new member. This is Beau’s little baby sister Evangeline. She is very little and the photos of this sleeping trio are so marvelous and cute. Do you agree? Read the rest of this entry »

Napping trio – Beau, Theo and Evangeline

Three kids in snow

Hello, everyone!

Winter is often associated with snow and ice. So, let’s see cute photos of children playing with snow and having fun. They are so amazing.

Just look at these kids. They are lucky to have lots of snow in their area, they are happy and excited. These kids can build snow houses, make snowmen and have a great time. Some of them roll around and for sure they become caked in snow. It’s such a fun to play outdoors when there is plenty of snow.

Do you remember it? Just find your inner kid and spend a wonderful time together with the children. Try catching snowflakes on your tongue, make a snowman and play snowballs. You will have a great time and the memories of these days will make your days better. Read the rest of this entry »

Snow memories

A sleeping queen

Hi there!

The purpose of our blog is to make this world a little happier and to show you wonderful photos of children from all over the world to smile and to forget all your troubles.

We have already shown you lots of babies photos which had been taken by their beloved parents. Today there is another cute collection of such creative photos. Here you will see a little baby girl Ara which have been made by her mother. The photographer has used different things like clothes, paper, grocery and other objects and created them into various landscapes and shapes. The pictures are for sure inspired by music, pop culture and personal preferences of Ara’s mother. We hope you’ll like these photos, they are so amazing.

Have a nice day! Read the rest of this entry »

Ara is a little star

A flower on the eyepatch

Hello! How are you?

Today we want to show you some cute photos of a little girl, Layla who was born with a cataract on her right eye. To let her eye develop correctly, Layla has to wear a little patch over her healthy eye some a couple of hours every day. That’s not very easy and the little girl becomes irritated. So, father has made a trick. He draws funny pictures on the patch to help his daughter be merrier and feel better.

Don’t you think it’s a  great way out of such situations – just to the imagination?  AS you see, it works.

Have a nice day. Read the rest of this entry »

Layla and her father’s drawings on the eyepatch

A girl is opening her Christmas gift

Hello there and welcome to our website of cute kids photos.

Are you waiting for the presents from Santa? We are, for sure. And the children all over the world are waiting for them, too.

We have decided to make our expectation less distressful and show wonderful photos of children, who have already got their presents. These kids are happy and merry, they are waiting for the time they can open the boxes and know what gifts they have already got.

Let’s see these wonderful photos. Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas gifts from Santa

Santa Claus with a girl

Hi there! Today we want to show you a collection of amazing photos of children and Santa Claus. It is very positive and cute. These pictures are happiness and miracles. Santa Claus is a legendary figure and the children from all over the world are eager to meet him. They tell him all their wishes and dreams. And Santa promises to fulfil them all. The meeting with this magician people remember for all their lives. It’s so cute. We hope you’ll like these photos. Read the rest of this entry »

Santa Claus and happy kids

A girl with a rucksack

Hi there! Let’s speak about childhood today. What happy memories do you have from those times?

Elizabeth Lawrence said that there was a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors were much brighter, the air softer, and the mornings more fragrant than ever again. But having grown up we forget about it and only amazing photos remind us about the most remarkable moments.

Today we want to show you bright and awesome photos of kids by Lesley Edith from the USA, who knows how to keep memories. Enjoy.  Read the rest of this entry »

Kids and their rucksacks

Dad with hair rollers and two kids

Being father is not very easy, of course. Everything changes when a little creature appear in the life of twos. But time passes and you understand that this baby is the dearest one in your life.

So, today we want to show you some awesome photos of the first-time fathers with their beloved children. These dads are so creative and so their children are. They have fun together. And it’s such a pleasure to see their happy eyes and smiling faces.

Spend more time with your little kids and you’ll be happy. Read the rest of this entry »

Fathers and their creative kids

A child and a little red kitten

Hi there! Have you missed our photos? The todays’ topic is the love of kids and their cats. People say that if you want your child to grow up a kind person, get a domestic animal – a cat, in our case. You can see it just having looked at the photos. The feelings are sincere and the kids are so cute. We know that almost all the cats are very independent, but they also need love and care, which they can get from their little friends. And do you have any pets?  Read the rest of this entry »

Love between kids and cats

Child watching a cool firework and singing

Hello, everyone! Are you ready for the biggest holiday of the year? Yeah, we speak about Christmas. It is the most wonderful time. Everyone gets presents and the magic things happen. It’s the time for celebrating with family and friends.

Children believe in Santa Claus. They write letters,  prepare milk and cooking for leaving on Christmas eve and wait for the presents. Isn’t it cool? So, we have prepared a selection of Christmas photos with children. They are all very cute and beautiful.

We are sure, you’ll like them all. Have a nice day.  Read the rest of this entry »

Children and Christmas