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Pirate ship room

Hi there! Let’s talk about interior design of the kids’ living space. It’s very important for the children to have their own place where they can learn, thrive and play all their free time.

We want to show you some cool interior design ideas for the kids’ rooms. They are awesome and can make the children’s life merry and joyful. They can use their imagination and create various games and activities.

But are these rooms very safe? We are not sure. Many ropes, ladders and different edges can hurt your kids. So, what to choose? A quiet room without the possibilities to have fun and to develop the imagination or a creative room, which can be the cause of injury?

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Creative children’s bedrooms

A boy at the tree house

Have you ever dreamt about a little house on the tree? In our childhood we all wished to have such a dwelling. Today we want to show you several wonderful tree houses from various corners of the world. Our pictures will move you to the world of adventures and happiness, to the world where Peter Pen and different fairies live. All the photos are very different just like the tree houses. We hope you can find the model of the house you like. Read the rest of this entry »

Tree houses

girl's room in pink

Here we offer you an interesting project “Pink and Blue” by a creative South Korean photographer JeongMee Yoon. She has noticed that her daughter’s favourite colour is pink and to her surprise all the things were mainly pink. So, she decided to make photos of things of other children. And it has turned out that most girls like pink colour and the most boys like blue. This photo series show that idea of girls like pink and boys like blue influences our thoughts and mind. The photos are very interesting themselves and they make us think about it.

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Pink and Blue by JeongMee Yoon

a boy, a roof of the house

Vadim, 9. The photo was made on the roof of his parents’ penthouse in Moscow

German photographer Anna Skladmann has made an interesting series of photos titled “Adult Children”. It has taken her several years to take pictures of Russian upper class kids. Here you can see the children of oligarchs, designers and directors, artists and musicians, business people and oil magnates. They live in a big house and have everything they want, maybe except the main thing – they don’t have childhood. The kids live within certain rules which were given them by their parents. But of course they are happy because they don’t know another life. Read the rest of this entry »

“Adult Children” by Anna Skladmann

a camera, a girl, a cat

Russian photographer Andy Prokh has made an amazing project “Little Girl and Tomcat” where his little daughter Katherine (who is four now) and a grey British Shorthair cat called LiLu Blue Royal Lady are shot. The photoes are black and white and this gives them wonderful charm. The images are so beautiful. When you have a look at all the photos you understand that they are real friends and it seems that all the activities: play, eat, read books and even sleep they do together.

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“Little Girl and Tomcat” by Andy Prokh

a girl, a monkey

Robin Schwartz loves her daughter Amelia very much and besides she’s fond of animals. She has been an animal photographer since she was ten. And when her daughter was born Robin decided to do this project. The first photograph of the series “Amelia’s World” was taken when Amelia was only two. Now she is eleven years old and she is Robin’s assistant on the shoot and besides she is the subject of Schwartz’s body of work. For eleven years a lot of photos  with different animals like elephants, gibbons, monkeys, dogs and cats were made for this project. It’s a like fairytale. The photos are funny, tender, edgy and warm.

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“Amelia’s World” by Robin Schwartz

a man, a baby, yawning, a tatoo

Look at this wonderful selection of photos. Children with their fathers are so cute. All of us know about mother’s love to their children. We know many photos, stories and songs devoting to this theme. But fathers love their babies not less though they usually hide their feelings, even if we speak about love to their own kids. The photographers have decided to change the situation and to show how intimate fathers and children can be. They always try to help and to realize their kids’ dream. Let’s say “thank you” to our own fathers for their love.

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Fathers and their children

many toys, an asian girl

Kaya, 4, Tokyo

Kaya lives with her beloved parents. She has lots of toys. Her mother make’s Kaya’s dress herself, up to three a month.

James Mollison is an English photograph. He has spent  three years travelling around the world to make series of photos  titled “Where Children Sleep”. He was impressed with the difference between each child’s room.  James has edited the incredible book with the same title where he’s telling the story of every kid.  Read the rest of this entry »

Where Children Sleep by James Mollison

a kitten, a gorl, toys

Jim Daly is an American painter. His works arouse a lot of positive feelings and warmth. They were used as illustrations in the different well-known books. Jim has received many awards for his artwork. The paintings are awesome. We can see rural children; their simple life is full of adventures. The painter has paid attention to the smallest detail. Jim says that there are a number of voices out telling other people what is art and what isn’t art but he thinks that art must come straight from heart. And his works prove it.

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Wonderful children by Jim Daly

a boy, dragons, a bed

Orly – Brownsville, Texas

All children in any country have lots of toys. Playing with them kids study to communicate with each other. Italian photographer  Gabriele Galimberti has taken 18 months to create the project “Toy Stories”. He travelled around the world and made photos of different children with their favorite toys.   Gabriele has been surprised to know that richer children are more possessive, and children from very poor families can give you all their toys and just play outside with their friends. Also the photographer has seen the difference in the toys according to the parents’ occupation. For example, the farmer’s daughter has plastic hoes, spades and rakes, the driver’s son has lots of cars. But in spite of  their status and no matter where they are from, all the children just want to play. Read the rest of this entry »

Toy stories by Gabriele Galimberti