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A boy near the telephone box

Kids, the photos of which, we have collected, are for sure the most stylish on their playgrounds. They wear trendy pieces from head to toe, have fashionable haircuts and they behave themselves like grown-ups. This tendency can be seen in different social networks and publics. Certainly, their parents help them in choosing and combining the outfits, and, in most cases, these children look adorable but more like adults.

People argue this point. Some of them believe that it is really cool to look like this and the children can learn how to look awesome. Others  think that children should have happy childhood, play games, run, jump and behave like other kids not thinking about trends and style.

And what do you think about it? How does it affect the child’s psyche? Do you want to dress your kids like this? Read the rest of this entry »

Little fashionistas

A beautiful young girl

Look at these delicate photos. Their author is a talented photographer Cleo Sullivan. Her pictures are full of magical details. When you see them, it seems that you are in a fairy-tale. Sullvan took photos from her early age. Her first model was her pony. The inspiration Cleo took from her family – her mother and grandmother were both artists. That’s why Cleo’s works are so beautiful, they look like incredible paintings. Now she works for many children fashion magazines and creates wonderful depictions. Read the rest of this entry »

Magical photos by Cleo Sullivan

milan shakira's son

These collection of photos is so amazing! This is Milan, the one-year son of superstar Shakira and a famous footballer Gerard Piqué who was born on the 22nd of January 2013. The baby is so cute. Looking through the babies’ photos can make perfect your past time. Their smiles are so sincere. Milan is a little star. He is so handsome. Shakira is very proud of her baby, she takes him everywhere if she can. We hope you’ll be glad to see the photos of this wonderful baby. Read the rest of this entry »

Shakira’s son Milan

David and Harper Beckham

Today we want to show you several photos of a wonderful girl Harper Beckham with her famous father David Beckham and stylish mother Victoria Beckham. Harper is a real girl. She already sits on the first row with her mother at Fashion Week, she changes her clothes very often, all her garments are made by famous designers. But she is still a little child, she cries when she wants something or play up when she’s in bad mood or tired. The photos show how her parents adore her. Read the rest of this entry »

Harper Beckham

a wet boy near the river with an orange in his hands

Today we want to show you beautiful photographs by a German fashion photographer Beatrice Heydiri. The children in her pictures are very beautiful. In spite of all the photos are commercial and advertising the kids are vivid, they are very emotional. All the photos are wonderful. Beatrice says that her main focus is to shoot emotional portraits of children. She has shot for many large brands like Vogue, Junior, Collezioni, Sony, Monsoon , Debenhams, Dove, BMW, Pampers,Next and others. We hope you’ll like these photos. Read the rest of this entry »

Emotional photos by Beatrice Heydiri

a girl and a glass

These beautiful photos are by Polish self-taught photographer Monika Koclaida. Her nick is Monick. She has two daughters and often makes shots of them. Children are the best endless inspiration for every artist. You can watch them grow and it will be the best time in your life. In spite of the noise and mess in your flat these days will be the happiest. That’s why Monick likes to take pictures of children. Her photos are awesome. They are about child’s dreams and discoveries.

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Endless inspiration by Monika Koclaida

a girl lying on the ground, white flowers

It seems that these works are paintings, but it’s not so. They are photos by Dutch photographer Ruud van Empel. They are incredible. Boys and girls in these photos are surrounded by nature, by colourful environment. But the pictures are not natural. The artist creates photo-collages by stitching together fragments taken from an archive of thousands of images the artist photographs himself. The children and all the environment don’t exist, they are photoshopped. But the result is awesome, the pictures are very beautiful though they are not real.

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Beautiful collages by Ruud van Empel

a little girl, a baby sleeping

Philadelphia photographer Dan Cuellar makes wonderful series of photographs with sweet babies. When looking at them you feel tenderness and love. The babies are about two weeks old. They are relaxing in different dreamy poses, on various fabrics. Sometimes they are asleep and smile, sometimes they have the heads on their fists. The pictures are so nice and beautiful.

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Beautiful babies by Dan Cuellar

a girl, flowers

These realistic paintings of beautiful children were made by the famous artist Jean Monti. She is well-known for her pictures which celebrate the joy of childhood and family. Jean was born in a family of six children. At a very young age painting and drawing became her passion. Monti loves painting children most of all. And her paintings are very realistic and sensitive, the children in her works are very cute. The artist says her work is an extension to herself – a legacy to her children and family. And adds that her work is to make people happy.

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Paintings by Jean Monti

a little baby with a toy duck

Charlotte Becker (1907 – 1984) was a wonderful artist. Her works are so amazing. She has illustrated many children books, magazines, cards and advent calendars. The babies in her pictures are so cute and sweet. All of them have bright eyes, rosy cheeks and plump lips. Charlotte Becker’s paintings are being sold all over the world and they are kept by many collectors.

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Sweet babies by Charlotte Becker