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2-years-old girl Willow wearing a seller's costume

These are amazing photos of a little 2 years old girl, Willow. Her talented mother, a creative photographer Gina Lee, has made cute photos of her little daughter in the most adorable costumes and posted them on her Instagram account. Gina declared October as “Dress Up Willow month” and that looks like the truth. The girl is so cute wearing various adorable costumes and even her beloved father dresses up different outfits to create the special mood. All these outfits are great for the Halloween, and certainly many mothers have used one of these ideas to create the wonderful costume for their little babies. Read the rest of this entry »

Dress Up Willow month

a boy with red hair

This is a collection of paintings by a famous American artist Greg Olsen. His works are great, they are very realistic. All the children are very beautiful and the pictures are very detailed. He makes pictures for different church magazines or periodicals. He often paints children and saint people. We hope you’ll like this collection of amazing pictures by Greg Olsen. They are so touching. Read the rest of this entry »

Paintings by Greg Olsen

a boy, a roof of the house

Vadim, 9. The photo was made on the roof of his parents’ penthouse in Moscow

German photographer Anna Skladmann has made an interesting series of photos titled “Adult Children”. It has taken her several years to take pictures of Russian upper class kids. Here you can see the children of oligarchs, designers and directors, artists and musicians, business people and oil magnates. They live in a big house and have everything they want, maybe except the main thing – they don’t have childhood. The kids live within certain rules which were given them by their parents. But of course they are happy because they don’t know another life. Read the rest of this entry »

“Adult Children” by Anna Skladmann

A girl poses as Amelia Earhar

A wedding photographer Jaime Moore has decided to make a present for her daughter on her 5th birthday. She wanted to make photos of her kid and was looking for the inspiration. But all she found was Disney princess. Then she thought that her daughter wouldn’t grow up to be princess and decided to show her famous women. Jaime chose 5 historical influential women. Among them: Amelia Earhart, Coco Chanel, Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller and Jane Goodall. So she dressed up her daughter Emma like these amazing women and made photos of her. The project is named “Not just a woman”. We offer you to see these creative photographs.

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Not just a girl by Jaime Moore

a girl, a huge spoon, a large bowl

Nowadays people eat much more food than our ancestors. There is a huge variety of different delicacies and every year we overuse carbohydrates. The artist Rebekka Gudleifsdottir has made a wonderful project “Excess” to show this problem, about excess in today’s society .When I saw these photos for the first time, I thought they were photoshoped. But to my surprise they weren’t. Rebekka has spent much time baking and cooking huge hamburgers and oversized portions of food. The whoke summer she spent preparing the decorations. For example, the glasses are large vases from Ikea, the ice cubes are made by freezing water in the big yogurt containers. The artist was called “the web’s top photographer” by the Wall Street Journal. The photos has turned out amazing.

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The series of photos “Excess” by Rebekka Gudleifsdottir

boys, a car, buildings

Look at these awesome photos. They are made by Belgium film maker Frank Uyttenhove. His works are always very creative and in every picture there is humor and irony. Children are very different in all his projects. We can see infants, babies and toddlers who pretend to be adults. Frank’s attention to details, his ability to involve people in his imaginative world are the reasons you always see a story in his works.

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Creative photos by Frank Uyttenhove

a camera, a girl, a cat

Russian photographer Andy Prokh has made an amazing project “Little Girl and Tomcat” where his little daughter Katherine (who is four now) and a grey British Shorthair cat called LiLu Blue Royal Lady are shot. The photoes are black and white and this gives them wonderful charm. The images are so beautiful. When you have a look at all the photos you understand that they are real friends and it seems that all the activities: play, eat, read books and even sleep they do together.

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“Little Girl and Tomcat” by Andy Prokh

a girl, a monkey

Robin Schwartz loves her daughter Amelia very much and besides she’s fond of animals. She has been an animal photographer since she was ten. And when her daughter was born Robin decided to do this project. The first photograph of the series “Amelia’s World” was taken when Amelia was only two. Now she is eleven years old and she is Robin’s assistant on the shoot and besides she is the subject of Schwartz’s body of work. For eleven years a lot of photos  with different animals like elephants, gibbons, monkeys, dogs and cats were made for this project. It’s a like fairytale. The photos are funny, tender, edgy and warm.

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“Amelia’s World” by Robin Schwartz

Edward Scissorhands, a boy

Look at these photos! Do you recognize the characters? They look wonderful. Creative advertising campaign was done by Brazilian ad agency, Globalcomm to promote a new movie theatre at the Praja de Bejas Shopping Centre. Several children were dressed up and made-up as famous movie characters  like Jack Sparrow, Forrest Gump, Cruella de Vil, Neytiri in Avatar and Edward Scissorhands. The idea is great, isn’t it?

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Children dressed up like famous movie characters

a little girl, a cigarette

After Belgain photographer Frieke Janssens had seen the video of  the video of baby chain smoking in Indonesia she decided to create a provocative series of photos “Smoking Kids”. For these photos she has dressed children four to nine year olds in retro costumes wishing to show the golden age of cigarette culture. The cigarettes themselves are made of candle, chalk, cheese and incense. With this shocking series Frieke Janssens just wants to bring awareness to a viral epidemic of children smoking.

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“Smoking Kids” by Frieke Janssens