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Childhood is a wonderful time

The boys are jumping near the waterfall

Children remain children in any situation and in any country. It doesn’t matter the economic situation or cultural background. They can always find the ways to play or just to have a pleasant time. Today we want to show you fabulous photos of playing children from different countries by different photographers. There are some things which unite them – children, games and happiness. Look at these pictures. They are so bright and positive. You will understand that the childhood is the happiest time in everyone’s life.

A kid and a rabbit

Boys are taking a bath in a big barrel

A boy and a dg in snow

Black boys are running with a wheel

A boy and a girl are walking along the road

a boy and a girl are playing with a carriage

The kids are playing with a box

Children are playing with water

tibetan monks are playing football

Children are blowing bubbles

The boys are playing with a handmade train

Black kids are walking on the sticks

The boys and green leaves

Kids are walking on te long sticks

Children are in the boat