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Children and autumn

Children faces in the autumn leaves

Kids photos bring lots of fun and pleasure, no matter the season or the part of the day they’ve been made in. But in the Fall, when nature changes colours, all the leaves begin flying around and there are lots of puddles, wonderful opportunities for the photographers appear. Memorable pictures can be taken outdoors with minimum decorations using only the photographer’s imagination. Ripe apples and grapes, yellow and red leaves, pumpkins and haystacks, autumn trees and grass are wonderful helpers for creating the special mood. If you want to make cool high-spirited family photos, now it’s time to do it. Have fun and be yourself. Jump, run, throw leaves and run in the puddles. These moments you will remember for long. To help you a little bit, we propose to view the inspiring photos of kids and remember the posing ideas. 

A little boy near the autumn tree

Children on the pumpkins

Children are throwing yellow leaves

Children on the hays

A boy with a chalkboard near the forest

A boy in the autumn forest

A little girl is lying on the leaves

A baby on the autumn leaves

A little girl hugging a boy near the fall trees