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Children and nature by Kevin Daniel

a girl, a cup of tea, puppies

Looking at these pictures I feel happiness and calmness. Kevin Daniel is a modern painter-realist who is interested in painting children, animals and the whole nature. Having studied the works of famous painters like Rembrandt, Renoir and Monet he has been impressed by their details and use of colours. And now with all his love for nature he tries to show the nature’s beauty with his paintings. Almost all the children in his pictures are fond of animal, they are often depicted with their pets: dogs or cats. The paintings are very romantic and intimate. They show the scenes of different families lives.

a boy, a dog, a river, a boy  giving an ice cream

a little doll, puppies, on the floor

a little boy, puppies in the basket

two boys, fishing, a dog, a rainbow

a woman and a child reading, a teapot with two cups, a lamp

two boys looking outside the window, a lamp, at night

a girl, three puppies, two puppies in the basket

two boys, a river, ships, stones

a boy wit a man in a boat, a black dog, fishing