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Children and sweet cakes

A girl, flowers and a cake

Do you like sweets? They are so tasty. Today we want to show you wonderful photos of children and various cakes. These pictures have been made by a talented Russian photographer Olha Guzhevnikova. They are very bright and beautiful. Boys and girls have been shot in the surrounding of the cakes and sweets. Can you imagine how these young models wanted to eat all these sweet decorations while being acting? I think it was very difficult. The photos will remind you about your childhood when the sweets were the most wanted things. 

A little girl eating sweets

a girl putting pieces of fruits to her eyes

A girl and cakes

a little girl and a bunch of flowers

A girl with a cup

a girl wearing the costume of the cherry

A girl and beautiful flowers

A boy and tasty sweets

A little girl and many cakes