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Children by Kenji Matsubara

a girl and a teddy-bear, a teddy-bear, a little girl

Look at these pictures! They are so  charming!  The author, Japanese Illustrator Kenji Matsubara, has created  them through the use of colour pencils alone. The drawings are filled with warm-heartedness and tenderness. Every child is very individual and has a lot of experience to his name. These portraits are the reflection of our souls because no one mind is the same.

Peter Pen, a little boy

a little boy and a puppy, a little puppy, a little boy

a boy and a squirrel, a little boy, a little squirrel

a boy and an apple, a little boy, an aim

a bruise, a naughty boy

a little boy and a puppy, a smiling boy

a boy and a cat, a little boy

a girl and a cat, a girl near the river

a little girl, flowers, a girl and a nest