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Children’s houses


Almost everybody remembers the time when he built different houses from everything he found around. Everything: the chairs, blankets, clothes and tables- were used to create one’s own hut.
Nowadays there are two types of children’s houses: big-sized (which children can get into) and small-sized- for playing with the dolls.




The Tent for the children is a very popular model .Such model is easy to fold and unfold and very light. They are made of canvas easy to clean, wash and dry. Kids can play with this hut either in the garden or at home. If children use this tent for playing outdoors it will protect them from the sunrays.



Street hut is the house for the children’s games in the country or in the yard. It’s the perfect variant for outdoor games. It looks like the real house and is made of wood and plastic.
The home variant – is  the reduced copy of the street  hut, but not as massive as the previous and it has the options for the assembly and disassembly. It is set in the children room and it’s the most favourite toy for the them.
There are other variants which children can build themselves and  use different materials an places for that.