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Chinese Children by Barry Yang

Barry Yang is a Chinese painter well-known by his children’s portraits in Realism style.

a Chinese baby

Young was born in China and started painting in the age of six.

a boy with an apple

His interest in the art lead him to the necessity of studying and then entering the local Arts college.

a Chinese girl

After graduating from it he found the job in the State newspaper as an editor of  Arts and Design heading.

what's happened

Young travelled a lot across China and visited a major part of Europe and the USA.

a chinese beauty

He prefers the simplicity of the country to the loudness of  the urban life.

a serious boy

Young is a frequent guest of the small Chinese villages .A lots of his paintings were made by him after visiting the Tibetan country.

in the bowl

Barry adores painting these rural children, their natural beauty and innocence attract him much.

a girl in the sawl

a  boy with the puppy