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Creative photos by Adrian Sommeling

a boy looking through the slit, a slit, a boy

When you look at Adrian Sommeling’s photographs you think “How did he do that?” But Adrian  doesn’t tell his secret to anybody. Maybe he is just a child in his mind who dreams about Neverlands, and other Fairylands. His art is amazing and very creative. He is not only an incredible photograph, but also a wonderful father.  His photos tell us stories while his own son stars in the imaginative ideas he creates. Let’s have a look at his woks together.

a little boy, snow, a boy screaming, a sledge

two boys , a father, horror story, a night

strawberries, a little boy, a funny face

a boy, a playstation, a night

pigs, a boy, Y-shaped stick

laughing boys, a crying boy, a mill

windy weather, an unbrella, a father and a son,

a mother and a son, an elephant, african animals, a bench, a park, a field

polar bears, snow, a boy, a snowstorm

boys, a skateboard, happiness