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Creative photos by John Wilhelm – 2

A girl with a telephone

John Wilhelm’s photos are so creative that we want to show you more because all of them are unique and surreal. To make his wonderful pictures John makes preparations at first. He imagines the scene, makes decorations and costumes. Then takes pictures of all this and unite all the pieces with the help of Photoshop. He says that everything is possible now, that every idea can be brought to life. John Wilhelm gibes inspiration for young photographers. It’s such a pleasure to view these portraits.

A girl with foam

A girl is hiding from Santa Claus

A girl with water pens and pictures

Two girls and a pregnant woman

Two little girls and two big hands with a glass

A girl with a vacuum cleaner

A girl with a big egg and two brushes

A girl wearing big sneakers

A girl wearing pink cowboy hat

A girl in the cabbage