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Creative photos by John Wilhelm

A girl wearing glasses

We want to show you incredible photos by a Swiss photographer John Wilhelm. They are so cute. John has a wonderful family. He says that his wife and his beloved daughters are the most important people in his life. And photography and photoshopping are the work of his life. Wilhelm creates funny photos of his daughters and then makes them perfect with the help of Photoshop. All the photos are unique and they can raise even the worst mood. All the pictures are interesting and funny.

A girl with a baby's dummy

A girl with big teeth

A girl with a jar of nutella

A funny girl under the umbrella

A girl looking through the hole

A girl in the yellow car

A big bird holds the girl

A girl is trying to raise the weight

A girl in the mousetrap

A girl holds herself for the hair

Girls in the green car

A girl near the crocodiles

A girl gives flowers to the bull

Two girls near the cows