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Cute babies by Tom Arma

a baby, a snowman

Look at these cute babies in the wonderful costumes. They are so beautiful and happy. The author of these costumes and photographs is Tom Arma. He is “the most published baby photographer in the world” as the New York Times has reported. Tom Arma Tom began doing costumes for infants in 1972. They are beautifully designed and just gorgeous to look at. Tom says that his work has touched millions of people all over the world and he hopes that through these photographs, people come to this reality:“We are all part of the web of life, and whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves”.

a baby, a panda

a baby, a flower

a butterfly, a baby

a baby, an owl

a bby, a bird

a baby, an owl

a baby, a boar

a baby, a bear

a baby, a flamingo

a baby, a ladybird

a baby, a frog

a baby, a rabbit