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Cute baby-animals

1detenishThese cute baby-animals are co sweet that everyone smiles looking at them.


They are, like the human babies, so helpless, so soft and small. We forget about their scary paws, canines and corns. We just see the small innocent creatures in front of us. So tiny and nice, they seem not to be intended to live in the severe environment where they were born. But these animals adapt to the wild life in the conditions unusual and inacceptable for people. Some of them are used to living in the frozen ice, the others – in the hot deserts. Some species are rare in the wild, the others are familiar for our eyes. But maybe these tender images of the small creatures sow us that only the human can protect the Earth and its inhabitants from the trouble and that every child –the human or the animal-has the right to live and to exist.








In 2009 the Japanese scientists at the University of Hiroshima discovered that images of baby-animals increase the human concentration. The explorers rechecked their hypothesis by the experiments and found that it’s really true. The images raise emotional reflex reaction, cheer up the people mood and this leads to the concentration increasing.