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Cute pictures by Lisi Martin

two children, a girl and a boy, a rabbit

Lisi Martin is the author of these amazing paintings. She was born in 1944 in Barcelona in a poor family. She was a shy quiet child so she dreamt a lot and lived in the world of fantasy which existed only in her imagination. She studied art in «Eskuela Massana- де-art» in Barselona and after graduating she works as an illustrator. Her paintings depict wonderful world with atmosphere of warm fairy-tales and kindness. Almost all her works picture children in a fantasy world. There are lots of cards with her works and all of them are very beautiful.

a girl in a bed, a teddy-bear

two children near the sea, the sea, birds

a girl dressed in a red dress, red poppies, a girl dressed in a green dress

a boy with a kite, flowers, a kitten

a girl with a teddy-bear, flowers

a grandmother and children at the door, children, flowers

a girl, flowers

a girl running, a puppy, grass, flowers

a woman on the bench, a boy, a park

a girl with a bunch of flowers, a puppy