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Dancing: the magic or a hard work?

Dancing is the creation that helps to display a child’s talents and to make him being confident and free of complexes. Dancing exercises help to set the child free, contribute the aesthetic development and the growth of the rhythm sense, an ear foe music and self-coordination of the little one.


To make the ballet dancer the parents send their children to the ballet school. It’s better to start from the age of 3. The lessons for the kids usually last 1 hour and are held 3 times a week.




There is a special uniform for ballet lessons. The youngest trainees have to wear a comfortable uniform^ the skirts foe girls and the shorts for the boys, but from the age of six the uniform changes, especially for the girls: the rehearsal tights, some skirts and of course a special pair of ballet shoes-pointes.

Young dancer


To be fit and slim young ballerinas have to keep the diet: they eat yoghurt, tomato juice, beef, fish, fruit and vegetables in the small amount.



It’s really interesting but a very hard work – training for being a ballerina.

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