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Destructive mother’s love by Ann Radchenko

a woman, two children, a crown

Mother’s love is not always constructive, sometimes it can be destructive. This series of photos by Moscow photographer Ann Radchenko is about such love, when woman doesn’t understand that her child is not her property. These photos are very pictiorially and at the same time they are sad. Mother’s love can make miracles. It can make the person strong and happy, but also it can kill the belief in oneself. So this project is dedicated to this theme to show all the mothers the problems.

a woman, a queen, children

a woman, a child in the cage

a boy with weights on his legs

a fat woman and a girl

a woman and a girl with an anchor

legs, an anchor

a woman and a girl dressed in monastic clothes

a boy wrapped with pillows

a strict woman and a boy

a boy like a marionette