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Dolls by Laurence Rue


a little girl, a dollIt’s hard to believe but these girls are not real. They are just beautiful dolls. The French artist Laurence Rue makes amazing incredibly lifelike creatures using polymer clay. She makes several dolls a year. They are one of a kind and cannot be replaced because there are no molds. Details on the face Laurence paints with acrylic. The dolls range from 20cm for a baby to 60 cm for a little girl. The eyes are made of glass and the hair is made of mohair or real hair. Also the artist spends a lot of time creating the image of every girl, their dresses and hats and so on. Laurence says that her aim is to give emotions. She is very sensitive to expressions like delicacy, timidity, surprise and tenderness. And her dolls can present us all these feelings.

a little doll, long red hair, blue eyes

a beautiful doll, red hair

a little doll, a pink dress

a little boy, a yellow jacket

a little girl, a blue dress, a big hat

a little doll, long hair, red dress

a little doll, a white dress, red hair

a doll, a long dress, red hair

a baby, a little doll

a beautiful doll, a white derss

a little doll, white dress, flowers