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Elena Karneeva World of Children’s Emotions

Each moment for the child is the whole eternity. For the couple of seconds the baby can be influenced by different events. The little man grows; his life is full of various emotions and impressions. It’s a pity we often forget about the awesome life moments of the little one. They hide under the cover of everyday routines and cares.a little boy and little girl by elena karneeva


Taking little babies’ photos is the only chance to save memories accompanied us during the first years of the children’s’ lives. It helps to estimate the character of the baby, to look at him from another point of view.

a little newborn baby by elena karneeva



The children’s photographer Elena Karneeva tries to see something special in her every little model and give the part of the soul to each her work.




a newborn baby in a hammock by elena karneeva


She says that it’s very difficult to catch the bright children’s eyes and to understand the wishing of the baby before he starts doing something. The best her photos are devoted to the inner world of the tiny tot and their emotions.