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Emotional Kanna

A girl with an umbrella

When photographers become parents, they start taking creative photos of their children. We have already shown you photo series by different talented parents from all the world and this time you will see awesome photos of a little girl. Toyokazu Nagano, Japenese photographer, makes pictures of his little girl, four-year-old Kanna. Funny facial expressions of Kanna make this series cute and amazing. Each shot is taken in one and the same road, but the girl adds to the picture emotions and fun. The photographer adds decorations and various costumes to help photogenic Kanna create different mood. And do you take pictures of your kids?  

A girl and a shark

A girl and an ice-cream

A girl cathes a plane with a net

A girl like a note

A girl wearing a traditional Japenese dress

A girl and traffic signs

A girl and a big cake

A girl and a bycicle

A girl with a birds on her head and a cage

A girl and a panda

A girl and frogs

A girl and a big fried egg

A girl on the chair at the desk

A girl and a big camera

A girl is playing a broom like a guitar