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Fathers and their children

a man and a child dressed in hoodies

These series of photos is about fathers and their children. In the kid’s eyes fathers are superheroes. Father can play with toys having remembered his childhood. He can raise his children up above his head or to turn them round himself. Father can put away all his business and run to the sports ground to play football. Children feel themselves safe together with the father, he can save them from any trouble and disaster. And certainly fathers love their kids most of all. You‘ll love these pictures because they are so wonderful.

a man and a baby bite the apple together

a fat man on all fours behind the baby

a man and a girl on his shoulders

a man and a baby

a man eyes to eys with a boy

a man sitting on the bench with a baby girl

a man and a baby

a man with a beard and a girl

a fat man and a little red-haired girl

a baby lying on the man's shoulder

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