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Fathers and their children

a man, a baby, yawning, a tatoo

Look at this wonderful selection of photos. Children with their fathers are so cute. All of us know about mother’s love to their children. We know many photos, stories and songs devoting to this theme. But fathers love their babies not less though they usually hide their feelings, even if we speak about love to their own kids. The photographers have decided to change the situation and to show how intimate fathers and children can be. They always try to help and to realize their kids’ dream. Let’s say “thank you” to our own fathers for their love.

small and big legs, jeans

a sleeping father, a sleeping baby, a baby in the father's hand

a man with a boy, a field, a hat, a bar

a big car and a little car, a man and a boym a little red car

a man and a boy, shaving, a shaving cream, a bathroom

a man and a baby, a bed

a bot flying, a man, a room