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Fathers and their creative kids

Dad with hair rollers and two kids

Being father is not very easy, of course. Everything changes when a little creature appear in the life of twos. But time passes and you understand that this baby is the dearest one in your life.

So, today we want to show you some awesome photos of the first-time fathers with their beloved children. These dads are so creative and so their children are. They have fun together. And it’s such a pleasure to see their happy eyes and smiling faces.

Spend more time with your little kids and you’ll be happy.

ad kisses his baby

Dad nd a baby are sleeping

Father and a child wearing costumes

Dad and a little girl wearing hairpin

Dad and a boy are surfing

Dad plaung the game and a girl makes him a manicure hi

Dad and 2 kids with a laptop

Dad and a little boy are drinking

Dad is making photos keeping his daughter in the rucksack

Dad and a boy in the sports car

A girl is sleeping on her dad

Dad and a kid

Dad with stickers on his face and his daughter

Dad is feeding his kid

Dad and a baby with moustache

Dad keeps his daughter on his shoulders

Dad dresse like a princess and a girl brushing her teeth

Dad and a kid are playing

Dad and his daughter

Dad is reading a bok to his baby

Father and his two sons on the playground