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First coloured photos by Nickolas Muray

a girl and a cat

There is a special collection of photos. Why are they special? Because all of them were made between 1920 and 1950 by an American photographer Nickolas Muray. The pictures are amazing, they are full of joy. Muray was the first who began colour print of his own works. So his service was very popular among people, and that’s why he was a successful photographer. All the children are smiling and they don’t look like modern kids, they difer with gestures, with glances. We hope you’ll kike this incredible collection.

a girl and a hat with ducklings

a girl, a book and a doll in the armchair

a girl at the table

a girl and a boy dressed in dressinggowns

a girl and a woman reading a book

a girl and a boy at the table

boys playing baseball

a boy on the swing and a girl

a girl and a woman with a ball of string

a boy, a dog and dirty dishes