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First steps

George Hall Neale "First steps" (1888)

When babies take their first steps everyone becomes worried and happy at the same time. The famous artists have depicted this wonderful moments in their masterpieces. We want to show you the paintings by various artists. You can see here the works by Gaetano Chierici, George Hall Neale, Vincent Willem van Gogh and others. They lived in different centuries and painted this moment with different details. This collection is magnificent. The babies are so funny and the grown-ups are merry.

Vincent Willem van Gogh "First steps"

Gaetano Chierici "First steps" (1876)

Georgios Jakobides "First steps" (1889)

 Giovanni Battista Piranesi "First steps"

Mark Frey
2015-11-21 18:08:23
On your post there is a painting ...the last one , 5 th picture down. Italian village looks like a grandmother and mother babes first step who was the artist? Was it Gaetno Chierici? That picture hung in our living room for years and was removed from our home and sold several years ago. I would like to know more about it