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Glazasik Finch, a young babies’ photograpfer.

Julia Otto is a young photographer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia .


From her early childhood Julia adored watching the nature. She tried to find something special in the simple things.


She graduated from the Pedagogical University and was going to work with the children who have problems with eyes.

a cute baby

In parallel with her lessons she worked on her photography skills.


Yulia gradually became a popular photographer and found a cute nickname to sign her works: Glazastik Finch (Scout Finch)


She says:” I work with the certain person in a special way.

spring beauty

I try to imagine people in other conditions as usual: the fairytale character, the personage of some English novel or  some magic imaginary creature.”


Now Julia  is 28 and she has been living in Petersburg with her husband.

a goat