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Happiness doesn’t depend on richness by Giovanni Battista Torriglia

four people and a baby, a poor family

These paintings were made by famous Italian artist Giovanni Battista Torriglia (1858-1937). Nowadays people’s life in the pictures seems very strange. Because there are some domestic birds and animals together with babies or little children inside the buildings. The floor, the walls and all the surfaces are dirty. The babies are sleeping on the floor. But when you look at people’s faces you’ll see they are smiling, there is happiness in their eyes. The children are playing different games and they are merry. Their lifestyle is very ordinary but they love each other very much.  Happiness doesn’t depend on richness and Giovanni Battista Torriglia has shown this in his works.

children, a woman, an old woman, a clew

two children, a doll on the floor, a sprindle, a woman is spinning yarn

for children, a woman, a poor family

people, children

a baby, a girl, a woman, a man

a baby playing, an old woman, children, a woman and a man