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Happiness Supplier No1

A modern painter from Kyiv, Ukraine, Evhenia Gapchynska , is often called “Happiness Supplier”.


She was born in Kharkiv in 1974 .She was the fifth child in a family. At the age of 5 she went to school and when she was 13 she entered Kharkiv Art College.


She studied i Nurnberg and after that she moved to Kyiv. Her first exhibition started in 2005.

where are  the cucmbers

Her pictures are vivid and debonair, inhabited by funny and moving children.



They were often bought by different famous world museums and celebrities, as Andrei Shevchenko or Luciano Pavarotti.


Evhenia’s works bring positive emotions, add optimism to disappointed and share vivacity with all those who need it.


Gapchinska Brand has given the joy to children and adults thanks to the books, booklets, bags, suitcases and other things decorated with her pictures.



The painter has her own workshop where everybody can buy the things done especially for him.


Her characters are from childhood; they have their own world and let us enter their wonderland through Evhenia’s paintings.

where is the cake?