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Happy Childhood World by Sarah Key

Sarah Key draws the romantic and sometimes naïve universe of childhood filled with the happiness, warmth and tenderness.


The graduate of the Australian Atrs School,  she started working for the advertising agency.

what's there


But then it happened so that her daughter fell ill.

with the hens

Sarah tried to entertain her and drew different pictures of happy children which were living in the quiet calm world .

a little gardener

She remembered her happy childhood which she spent in the grandma’s farm.

time to go to bed

When her first 20 pictures were ready she sent it to one of the great Australian publishing houses.

in the evening

The cards with her pictures had a great success especially in Europe.

little chicken


At the beginning of the 80s the other good from Sarah Key appeared: books, dolls, bedclothes, napkins, etc.

little helpera puppy

Today Sarah is famous all over the world .When we look at her works we  dive into the Happy Childhood World.

two girls ducklings