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Imagination by Emil Nystrom

Emil Nystrom is a contemporary Swedish photographer born and raised in Umea. From the age of 12 he wanted to work as a media producer, later he was working as a website creator.


Also Emil was into music. He had his music band. Later Emil started working in electronics and he realized what his real interest was. He’s been working as a professional photographer only for a 1 year. Since his beginning working as a photographer he work for the advertising, wedding parties but most of all he’s attracted by the portraiture. He understood that photography is the business that makes him fell on his own place.



He’s a father of two-year old daughter. Sometimes he makes creative images taking his daughter as a model. Of course he uses Photoshop program, but the images only become better.




The photo “Birthday party” was made when his daughter was 11 months; she couldn’t walk or stand but with the help of computer programs Emil hide the hands holding her. He said he daughter had been very excited about being allowed to stand on the table and take lots of things which are forbidden in everyday life.



Birthday party

He plans to continue making images of the daughter; also recently Emil has become a father for a second time so he will have twice more inspiration.